Saturday, April 27, 2013

Threads of Life
27 April 2013  - Weekend Writing Warriors

I continue to write about the family of August Schumann and Auguste Freimann, his wife. These are my great grandparents. In this writing, both are deceased and the children are on their way to Canada with their maternal grandmother. This week it is from the POV of Emma, oldest living sister of my grandmother. She is 14 years old at this time. Above is a button from one of the coats.

“Mother always said that I was her very best helper in the very best family.  I needed to begin helping her a lot when my father was dying, seven years ago when I was only seven.  The last couple of years I have needed to do many of her jobs as she became more and more ill from consumption. Last fall, she managed to make new coats for all of us of thick woven wool. Of course they were much too large for us because she “wanted them to last more than one year." I sewed the buttons on for her and made our dinner. She was so worn out when she came home from work in the mill."

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  1. Oh, Carol, I always want to cry when I read your post. So matter of fact, but and I know that life was that way for them.

    The button is so beautiful! It's wonderful that you have it--or a photo of it. :-)

    1. Sorry for the sadness. There are birth, death, marriage records and different living locations. However, I feel compelled to make them come alive for my family. Interesting, none of them have said anything about them to me.

  2. I love the poignancy in this snippet. It's so simple and beautiful. Gorgeous snippet!

  3. That was so simple and yet so heart wrenching, the life people experienced at that time was hard. I think the button is amazing a touch of luxury and whimsy to brighten the difficult days. I enjoyed your snippet.

  4. Gorgeous button! Your snippets are always so touching...another excellent excerpt today!