Saturday, April 6, 2013

Threads of Life
6 April 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors is a fun group of writers who add 8 sentences every  Saturday evening so that we can comment on each others' writing. I have taken this opportunity to write about my great grandparents in Boguslawka, Volhynia.  This week I will also suggest that you check Teresa's blog about farm life at It is about a later time, but carries the spirit of the farm.

"It is tough living in Boguslawka. They are constantly being asked for more money for the land that they farm. This was not supposed to be when they were urged to come to this area. The Russian Army wants all of the young men in the army also, which takes a lot of the workforce from the fields. August and the other men his age wonder how long they should stay.  Ludwig is in his 60’s now and unable to take over the farming for more than one or two of sons and sons-in-law. Spring of 1889, August is wondering if he can afford to buy an ox to plow his fields rather than needing to borrow from his father every year.  Emma seems to be a healthy daughter, but young children are very vulnerable here."

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  1. This was a hard time to be alive in Russia. Nice excerpt.

  2. Oh, the hardships you write about! Thanks for sharing this slice of history; as non-fiction, it grabs the heart. :-)

  3. Another great post. I do so love the way you are telling your family's history.

  4. Thank you so much. If you have any suggestions, please tell me.